Procedure and Prices

The Meeting

In this first meeting with artist and client, the client shares their vision for the portrait, and details such as location and clothing are discussed.  It is also the first meeting between artist and subject, and is important for their ease, and subsequent success of the sitting.  It gives the artist time to observe their manner and personality, without the inhibiting presence of camera equipment.


The Sitting

This is a creative time!  I am busy looking around for the perfect lighting, while trying to keep my sitter from feeling and showing any self consciousness.  We will take breaks and review photos along the way to make certain the the lighting, clothing, hair, etc are as desired.  It is good to allow at least 2-3 hours for a single subject, and 4 hours for groups.

 When we are done taking photos, I will load them on my laptop and select a dozen or so for client review. The purpose of the client review is not to select a  favorite photo to paint, as I usually work from several.   But because photos don't tell the whole truth, I need a little guidance at this point.    We all have had pictures taken that we loved-- except for a too fresh haircut, or the mysterious fact that it looks more like your cousin than you.  So the two things I need to know:   First, "what do you think of the hair or clothing in the photo", and then more importantly,  "which photo looks the most like them?"  




Back in the studio I will continue to review the photos until I find ones that best communicate the essential character of the sitter as well has all the elements desired by the client.  From those, I will work up a pencil sketch of the face, and paint an oil sketch of the composition. This is a great time to communicate any and all thoughts about the piece.  This input is greatly appreciated.    Upon approval of the sketches, I then commence with the painting.  


The Unveiling

The first time you see your work of art is a memorable event!  It can be anything from a black velvet drape dramatically swept aside in the presence of champagne and loved ones, to a personal moment in your home.  I am present whenever possible, it is a moment to be remembered.  


Teresa is represented by Portraits Incorporated, prices available upon request.