Artist's Statement

Whether or not our eyes do indeed reveal the soul, the truth that we are all “lit from within” is apparent in the face of every individual.  Our hands and posture express attitude, but who we are is manifest in our faces.

Painting that truth is my passion.  I have an untiring interest in capturing the unique facial characteristics of each of my subjects, while also expressing qualities I see there.  Qualities that are universal, and therefore recognizable to anyone.  With each face I draw or paint, I mean to convey it's infinite uniqueness, and along with that, something of the human experience as I see it.  A person the likes of which this world has never seen, and at the same time,  just like someone you know.

I believe accuracy in rendering the figure is necessary to give an authentic representation of one’s subject. To that end I study anatomy, and continually practice to improve my skills.  I call my style “romantic realism”, because while I want my drawing and painting to be correct, I wouldn’t want to bore you with unhelpful details.

The still lifes I paint are another kind of portraiture.  They are simple statements using common objects that populate our daily lives, telling our story from the outside.   I enjoy the endless variation of composition and color they present. 

These days images have replaced words, communicating in an instant what used to be said with text.  This makes the skill of creating art through thoughtful practice,  rather than a split second image capture, all the more precious.   As precious as time itself.